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Alltournative is a mexican company that started in 1998 when we decided to leave behind our lifestyle in the big city of Mexico and committed to our adventure dream in the Caribbean. At that time we had found an undeserved market with great potential: the Europeans visitors who were staying in Playa del Carmen and wanted to approach the Mayan culture and nature instead of only doing sun and beach activities. The Riviera Maya was the perfect beach destination but did not include one of the greatest treasures in this area: the Maya culture legacy that we can still admire in authentic Maya villages.

Who we are today?

  • In Alltournative, we have diversified our products, visit the archaeological sites of Coba, Tulum, Ek-Balam and Chichen Itza. We have 4 parks: Cenote Maya Native Park, Jungla Maya Native Park, Emotions Native Park and Snorkel Native Park.
  • We received more than 200,000 visitors a year.
  • We are more than 300 employees and 400 families of Maya communities.
  • We have received numerous awards and certifications that support our quality, innovation and sustainability. With EarthCheck, we implemented a system to improve our environmental and social practices each year.

Our purpose

Create lifetime and sustainable experiences.

Our values

  • Serve with enthusiasm.
  • Resolve in the best way possible.
  • Leave a mark on people.

Our mission

Give wonderful and unforgettable experiences through expeditions of nature, culture and adventure, with safe and sustainable practices supported by highly qualified and committed staff.

Our objectives

  • Promote economic development of native Maya communities in the Mexican Caribbean.
  • Offer exciting and unforgettable experiences with a world-class service.
  • Preserve the Maya culture and the environment.

Why we are unique?


We are specialist in unique eco-archaeological expeditions in exclusive locations. We offer an authentic natural and cultural contact providing unforgettable experiences to get to know the real Mexico in a sustainable manner.

We count with different awards from National Geographic among others.


Alltournative promotes eco-tourism projects in different local communities seeking for an economic development, preserving the Mayan culture and protecting the environment. We are commitment to develop sustainable tourism in the area, creating environmental and social conditions that operate harmoniously with communities.


Alltournative operates in authentic Maya villages and natural reserves encouraging an economic and social development in local areas away from the privileged tourist destination.


We get inspired on moments created by the experiences, and every one of our certify guides express their passion by sharing and helping you discover the secrets of the Mayan Culture.