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Frequently  Asked Questions

1. Are we able to do activities with children?


2. What is the minimum age for activities?


3. Are your expeditions suited for everyone?


4. What is the maximum weight for the activities (zip-line, rappel and kayak)?


5. What is the difference between the expeditions Cobá Maya Encounter and Cobá Maya Ville?


6. How long do we stay at the archaeological sites of Tulúm, Cobá and Ek-Balam?


7. How should one dress and what items should one bring to the expedition?


8. What kind of food do you offer in the expeditions? Is there a veggie option?


9. What are the height and distance of the zip-lines?


10. What is the height of the rappel lines?


11.- Do you provide towels?


12. Do we need to bring some money with us?


13. If it rains do you cancel the expeditions?