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Native Boot Camp (adults)

This inspired military-base physical preparation program takes place in the heart of the Maya jungle. In this pre-established challenge course, you shall tests your resistance, strength and skills, by finding your way on complicated paths through the jungle, crossing lagoons on kayaks and overcoming multiple object tasks in any man-made “weather condition” possibly imagine.

During this training program your personal abilities, your spirit strength and even your attitude to obey commands under extreme physical and mental stress may just be your best tools and allies to overcome and not be defeated in this challenge.


A “multi-dynamic” jungle terrains where the Challenge Course takes place, together with “fashionable rustic” modern facilities and bathrooms for the best convenience of our participants. The area also has:

  • Tent Camping Area for groups of 20 up to 150 participants.
  • Dinning room – Lunch areas.
  • Bathrooms, showers and dressing areas.
  • Lagoons.
  • Majestic and beautiful Cenotes.


A beautiful Campsite in the middle of the jungle on the road to Nuevo Xcan; only 1:45 min away from Playa del Carmen and Cancún respectively.


Our team members and staff, as well as our facilities and equipment, are all certify and validated by international safety and security standards to execute and guide any adventure activity described in our programs.

Camp Programs include:

  • 2-way transportation
  • Meals
  • Snacks and beverages
  • Camping tents
  • Equipment for activities
  • Coordination and staff and insurance.


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