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Challenging and fun adventure activities for Corporate Team Building Courses developed in a jungle environment, composing highly functional and effective teams to better achieve team work and join group goals through the discovery of individual attributes and skills like communication, leadership and personal and interpersonal motivations.

1. Jungle Race Pacchen

For this recreation-learning challenge, different groups must successfully overcome each of the 8 physical, educational and recreational challenges in “The Jungle Race Pacchen“. With the spectacular maya jungle as our stage, the activities will take place in a mystique of body paintings and ancient legends that will help the participants succumb into the Holy Land of the Gods, “Pacchen” and live a cultural-learning experience full of traditions, history and magic allowing the group to discover sometimes behind extreme or challenging situation there are great opportunities for the teams to identify and potentializing their personal skills and strengths as a group, so that they might develop their organization and leadership abilities. The guides in synergy with the participants shall enter this dynamic as men and women in search of a group goal and resurface as authentic Mayan Warriors.

Participants: 20 to 250
Location: Jungle and Maya Community.

2. Nature Rally

A fun journey through the jungle where the participants, divided into teams, shall demonstrate their creativity, their skill, their effective communication and even their artistic abilities to overcome the 7 tasks of the Elements that this dynamic will challenge us with. In the unique beauty of the rain-forest and the clear waters of the cenotes, this adventure that encourages competition, hand in hand with teamwork and contact with nature make the prefect recipe so that this challenge is a favorite amongst any group. Strategy put together with laughter and fellowship are the ingredients needed to accumulate the most points and crowned one team as Kings of the Jungle.

Participants: 20 to 200

Location: Jungle and Cenotes.

3. Tic Tac Rally

A fantastic “Race Against Time” rally-style activity that blends 8 exciting challenges that will push each group to its limit trying to earn precious seconds that will add-up in the final stretch of the race. As time runs, the adventure intensifies. This adventure activity binds groups together, promotes healthy competition and teamwork while it teaches the participants how to work under pressure inside and outside of their comfort-zone. The whole outdoor experience allows everyone to feel inspired by and powerful trough nature.

Participants: 20 to 200

Location: Cenotes and Maya Community.

4. Rally of the Alux

Within the challenges of this activity the participants shall learn to overcome obstacles with the support of their partners in order to find all necessary clues to complete the magic ritual that will help each team “Liberate the Alux”. Through jungle paths, to swimming into clear-water cenotes and riding ATV’s, the groups will have to use all their communication and creative skills together with all their mental and physical abilities to complete the tests that stand between them and a liberation of their spiritual side and the knowledge that the ancient Maya shall bestow upon them.

Participants: 10 to 100

Location: Jungle Trails, Cenotes.

All programs include:
  • Private Transportation in vans from Cancún or the Riviera Maya.
  • Set up and all material for challenges.
  • Prizes for winning team.
  • Lockers.
  • Towels.
  • Food and refreshments.

Optional Services (through quote):

  • Photo Package.
  • Alcoholic beverages at the end of the event.
  • Privatization of location.
  • Transportation by bus.

5. Custom-Made Events

We design expeditions and personalized programs according to the groups needs. To achieve this we must understand and know your expectations, objectives and special requirements.

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